New shared electric bicycles are coming in Brussels !

A simple and useful initiative


If you go through Brussels someday you will probably see cyclists speed by on black and blue electric bikes. The brand new application Billy Bike will let you use those ingenious bicycles anywere in the city as they don’t need terminals. The user will need his smartphone and download the application, which will immediatly open the lock. Easy peasy ! It will geolocate the bike in the street. Thanks to a connected lock, the Billy bike can be attached to a post or a tree. Once the bike booked, the user has 15 minutes to get to the bike and unlock it. The same applies at the end of the reservation : the user has a restricted time to reattach his bicycle. The rental price for a Billy bike is 15 euros per minute. When the electric bike battery is low (under 20%), it is no longer available for rent and the App. Billy Bike will have somebody come to change the battery.

The application Billy Bike is currently being tested with few bikes, but 150 bicycles will be ready soon to use in the capital. What a bargain for bicycle fans !

Even if electric power assisted bicycles, better known as electric bikes, are still a minority in the two-wheels community, sales increases have been significant lately. Self-service electric bicycles are going to popularize this amazingly useful device.



Why is it really cool ? 


First things first, these electric bikes are fitted with an electric motor, which helps distributing the weight, giving a better center of gravity. The bike is steadier and assures a smooth and effortless ride. The electric bike is perfect in the city center or in the country side and of course, it’s good for our health : the user has to pedal to activate the motor. Less efforts, more speed ! Perfect for roaming in the streets and always better to ride a bike then drive the car for our air quality.

So let’s get on our bikes and limit the greenhouse gaz emissions ! I see you coming saying the electric bike production is also polluting but a lot less than cars. And what a pleasure to ride on a bicycle path, the wind in your hair while passing cars stuck in traffic jam. Monday mornings will seems a lot less gloomy. Let’s hope that this initiative will give an electric shock to the electric bike expansion in our French streets.



Last updated on September 28, 2017

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