MoonRide commuter LED Backpack

Visibility accounts for more than half of bike accidents in urban areas in Europe. In France, each year 150 cyclists die on the road. Faced with this observation, the search for means combining security and visibility is urgent!

The MoonRide commuter LED backpack is the solution! Thanks to its revolutionary signal system, this bicycle bag will ensure your visibility and safety on the road.


Designed for any kind of uses: bicycles, kick scooters, rollers and even for running, the LED backpack allows you to be visible even at night thanks to its flashing LED panel, which is slid into the external pocket of the backpack, and connected to a wireless remote control set on the handlebar. This connected remote control will indicate easely but surely your direction forward, left and right turns and your stop.

For men or women, this perfect commuter companion comes from the LED Connect collection: A set of three ergonomic urban and trendy bags especially designed for cycling. The LED Connect collection is the result of a confidential 18-month development research. Meticulously studied, these backpacks are today the pride of MoonRide, shouting out loud and strong their quality and authenticity.


LED attitude

The LED panel has been designed to be waterproof. Smart and stylish, it charges by USB cable. (For a daily use of an hour a day, remote control approx. 90 days / panel approx. 10 days).

Added value

The extra smart feature of the panel? The integrated brake sensor will detect automatically any brutal change of velocity and blink red to alert the people behind you of the danger.


The LED Connect commuter backpack has  a double padded compartments for computer and tablet (18 inches maximum). But that’s not all!

It is also made of:

  • One phone pocket and ear phone accessible hole.
  • Usual pockets for pens and business cards.
  • One carabiner for key rings.

Its exterior view is recognizable thanks to its:

  • Two exterior pockets (one for the LED panel).
  • Two external side pockets easy access.


The gray-colored LED backpack also has the advantage of having a reflective stitching, chest and waist adjustable straps for even more visibilty and comfort. Its straps and back are reinforced for better support when cycling.


The LED Connect backpack has been meticulously designed to combine comfort, ergonomics and support. MoonRide has chosen a durable, 100% water-repellent polyester fabric with enough transparency so that the LED lights of the panel are brought out strongly. The LED panel pocket has been carefully designed to support at best the LED panel. That’s why the LED panel cannot be used in any other bag; it only fits into the three LED Connect bags.


Price-performance ratio

The LED Connect commuter backpack is designed to improve the mobility of urban cyclists. The LED panel technology, the design, functionality and aesthetics of the bag give to the commuter a trendy and urban look, while improving his/her visibility.

The price of the backpack reflects the price of the waterproof LED panel connected to a wireless remote control, made with strong LEDs and integrating a brake sensor.

At a price of 120,00 €, the LED Connect commuter backpack offers an excellent value for money!


MoonRide wanted to go further in making new trendy LED products. And to never let the commuters down, even in bad weather, what’s better than a translucent and waterproof rain cover to protect the LED backpack?

Indeed, the LED commuter backpack also incorporates a translucent and waterproof rain cover for an optimal protection of the bag and its contents during bad weather.

This rain cover has a suitable pocket for the LED panel and is designed to show the lights of the LED panel, thanks to its 100% water repellent polyester.

The rain cover is universal, it adapts to all sizes of backpack with its adjustable elastic and buckle. Easy to use and store, it can be folded on itself in a small ball very compact. What a perfect bicycle gear!





Last updated on July 17, 2017

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