Koboo, the French new connected self-service bike

Koboo is a French start-up from Clermont-Ferrand which offers self-service bicycles, available and bookable via its own mobile application.
The company opens up a whole new chapter in the history of self-service bicycles, focusing in particular on tourism by offering bike rental near campsites, holiday villages, seaside resorts and tourist offices.

Many advantages for the commuter

Designed by Arcade Cycles, the connected bike Koboo is available 24/7 on the national French territory. It allows the urban cyclist to rent a bike more quickly and easily.

It is not without talking about its design: made of anti-puncture tires and a smartphone case, the Koboo bike has been made to facilitate the movements of commuters. Thanks to the mobile application, they will know in time the bike rental place closest to them and will discover the local heritage thanks to the different listed cycling tracks.

Fast rental

To rent your bike on Koboo App, is very simple! You just have to log into the Koboo application, choose the bike rental near you in just a few clicks, and that’s it!

Prices are based on rental hours. One hour is 4€, 12h (the maximum length) is 16€. The duration of your bike ride is taken into account once your journey is finished and payment will be made at this moment by credit card.

What a smart solution for commuter, isn’t it?

More information on koboo.fr



Last updated on June 16, 2017

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