Electric bikes – Are they the future of cycling?

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Electric bikes or ebikes are certainly ruling the roost. They are changing the way cycling is perceived. Some insane stats: In France, sales of these bikes increased by 9.5% from €1.166 billion in 2016 to €1.278 billion in 2017. Big manufacturers like Ford, GM are wanting to get in on the game. All of this means good things for the electric bike sector right? Is this the future of cycling?

Why have ebikes taken on so quickly?

Ebike sales are heading upwards due to two reasons: (a) Silicon Valley’s deep pockets and (b) drive to deploy disruptive tech . Cities are dealing with relentless pressure on their public transport infrastructure. No city’s municipal corporations are going to turn down a company that reckons it will solve public transport issues. Even more so when the city doesn’t need to spend its tax dollars! These bikes are on the green environmental spectrum. This tends to make them more attractive to cities as well.

Rules and regulations in France

Watch your speed limit! As soon as an electric bike exceeds the legal limit of 25 km / h, it is no longer legally considered as an electric bike, but as a speed bike in France. You might then be required to produce a license amongst other documentation.

For rules applying to other parts of Europe, here’s more information.

The future of electric bikes

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We believe that electric bikes are the future. If you want to check out the best ebikes for 2019, here’s the link for you. This super link lists some way awesome futuristic bikes – seriously makes us want to get one ourselves!

Electric bikes are also becoming popular outside mainstream cities. You can rent ebikes in camping sites which makes it easier to travel across. Cycling as an activity also gets more accessible especially if you live in remote areas.

On the ground, ebikes are competing with electric scooters. The market is evolving and can accept multiple players in the field. It will also allow for multiple modes of urban commutes to take place. We also realise that these bikes are able to traverse long distances which gives them some amount of superiority over escooters.

Electric bicycles have become a predominant form of cycling commute. They have higher speed capabilities, can travel for long distances and are definitely good for the planet and good fun to use!

PS: If you ever need accessories for your electric bike, you have come to the right place, we promise!

Last updated on April 17, 2019

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