Cycling friendly cities in Europe and Asia

Cycling friendly city

Cycling is one the easiest methods to commute. In most cities like Copenhagen, Munich and Amsterdam, it is a way of life. So then, what are the most cycling friendly cities across Europe and Asia?

Europe’s cycling friendly cities

Amsterdam cycling friendly city

Amsterdam is top of the list in Europe. The Dutch culture of cycling is strong. The Netherlands is relatively flat terrain so this encourages people to ride. Bike lanes are separate from traffic but the best part is tax credits. Every kilometre cycled earns a cyclist a tax break, simply by riding to and from work.

Cycle super highway Denmark

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Copenhagen is often considered the most cycling friendly city in the world. Everyone uses bikes for commuting. There are designated bike lanes and even a cycle super highway.

With over 200 km of cycling lanes, Barcelona is taking steps to make itself more cycling friendly. There are plans afoot to get more and more people to cycle in Barcelona.

Berlin cycling friendly city

In Germany, Berlin’s flat terrain and 900 km of cycling pathways ensures that cyclists get around super easily. The latest offering is Radbahn where the intention is to transform the space along Berlin’s U1 subway line into a space for urban commute and leisure.

In France

Strasbourg cycling friendly city

Strasbourg comes right on top in France. The city is pretty and a whole lot of people in the city use a cycle to commute. Apart from Strasbourg, Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse and Grenoble are also super bike friendly cities. There are docking stations, bike sharing systems available and the government is keen to push for cycling as an agenda.


Tokyo cycling friendly city

Tokyo is one of the most cycling friendly cities in the world. Cycles are ubiquitous and people use cycles for everyday use and their commute. It is a brilliant way to see this wonderful city! Another great option from Japan is also Osaka. Relatively flat and cycling friendly, Osaka will ensure that your inner cyclist comes out.

Apart from Tokyo, Taipei is excellent for biking around. It’s relatively flat which means there is no uphill riding and bike sharing is an excellent way to avoid traffic in the city.

In China, cycling has always been a popular way to go around right from the 1980’s. Bike sharing has boomed in China. Having said that some of the major players have had to cut down their operations in other parts of the world. Xiamen should be there on your list as well as they have built the world’s longest bicycle skyway. Beijing and Shanghai are also biking friendly with more than 50% of cyclists commuting to work in Shanghai with their cycle.

We think this should sort you out for your next adventure across the world. And remember to take MoonRide with you. Ride safe, ride visible!

Please note that we have chosen to focus our attention to Europe and Asia. There are plenty of cycling friendly cities in both North and South America as well as Down Under.

Last updated on March 18, 2019

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