Commuting 2019- The hot trends you need to know

Commuting trends 2019 MoonRide

Exploring the commuting trends for 2019 should be easy enough we decided. And then discovered a plethora of options. Did you know that a survey in London, for instance, reported that on average British workers spend 400 days commuting 300,000 plus kilometres in their lifetimes? Commuting depending on your mode of transport and which part of the world you are at can be as easy peasy as a 30-minute ride on the train to unrelenting traffic jammed route of an hour plus. So what solutions are out there? And what role is technology playing in all this?

Electric scooters

Electric scooters and commuting moonRide

The hottest thing to land in the market last year, electric scooters or escooters are revolutionizing the way people commute. Bird and Lime (both big escooter companies) reported 10 million and 11.5 million individual scooter trips respectively over the past year. There has been a great amount of money invested in electric scooter companies over the last year in the $500 billion range. Traditional car companies are also getting into the game. For instance, Ford recently invested in Spin, citing scooters as an accessible way to move across cities. Ford is also putting its scooters out into the market through a company called Ojo.

Electric bikes

Electric Bike MoonRide commuting

Micro-mobility is an important feature of today’s commute. Outside of busy urban centres, there need to be options for mobility especially to allow people access and ebikes or electric bikes can fulfil this need. By 2020, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo wants 15% of all Parisian commutes to be made by bike. Helsinki is en route to targeting office parking ensuring that alternative modes of transport are being used by commuters. Ebikes come with child seats and even trailers for pets. Their sales are only gathering momentum and this is something that should change the course of a commuter’s life.

Data and commuting

Data and commuting

We use apps for everything these days from public transport to Uber or Grab, depending on which part of the world you live in. There are cities in the United States that offer an all-in-one transit app. LA is up this year. An app from researchers at the University of Maryland “gamifies” commuting by rewarding commuters with points that generate monetary prizes (like Amazon gift cards) for using public transportation and carpooling instead of driving alone. Incentrip wants to ensure that minimal energy is spent across the entire transit system.

What Lies Ahead for Commuting

What lies ahead in commuting

The future can look brighter and greener depending on your mode of transport. Economics implies that we start to look at these options where individual car ownership becomes something of the past. At MoonRide, we are always happy to cater to different modes of transport from ebikes to escooters to your regular ole bike. Our LED tech ensures that we are on top of the game when it comes to your safety whilst commuting. Check out our wide range of cycling accessories and decide which one best suits you.

Last updated on February 19, 2019

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