The cargo-bike, a perfect alternative to the car


A cargo-bike is no more no less than a normal bike, but presents a big advantage: a wagon placed at the front of the bike permitts to carry children, shopping bags or other heavy loads not easily transportable. Two-wheels or three-wheels bike, the cargo-bike comes from England where it was at the time used by storekeepers to deliver mails, bread or milk. The expansion of engine vehicles after World War II left the cargo-bike out for decades. In 2000, it reappeared in Denmark and has now become a big success among families. Pleasant and useful, the cargo-bike allows you to travel and park fast, unlike cars, which can lead to a considerable loss of time.

Moreover, the gravity center of a cargo bike is very low: the cyclist doesn’t feel the global weight that much, and can easily control the bicycle. Downtown or in case of traffic jam, it turns out to be much faster than cars since it can be riden on bike paths: say goodbye to tailback-lateness!

There are many sizes and many prices, depending on their capacities and their material (between 100 and 1000€). And, it is also possible to find electric cargo-bikes! An interesting alternative we would be tempted to try!


Julien Hutin, Robin Hood by bike

The cargo bike can be really useful when it comes to carrying equipment. Julien Hutin understood it well and has been roaming Swiss refugee’s centers for over a year now. The front bucket full of bike carcasses, the back trailer filled with spare parts, Julien, with the MissiéVelo Association’s help, recovers bicycles and gives them a second life. If the bike condition doesn’t allow rehabilitation, its pieces will find a new utility. That is why The MissiéVelo Association also offers fixing workshops to refugees and provides tools and equipment. Inhabitants are thrilled: it is “a way to learn traffic rules, go out, do some sports and have fun”. Julien Hutin and his cargo-bike enable children and adults to escape from their daily life. He and the team are always on the look out for new items, unused bikes that can brighten up many refugees’ difficult lives.

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Last updated on October 3, 2017

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