Beboo Bike : the sharing and trading bike

The bike market has been in a constant evolution for many years. From electric bikes to bikes with a trailer, urban or mountain bikes, futuristic or vintage, there is choice to suit all your desires. That is why many innovative initiatives are taken to answer this growing bicycle interest. The Beboo company offers different bamboo bike designs: the Beboo Bike. These bikes are intended to be unique and ethic. The idea is to try out new economic operating models based on solidarity economy.


The Beboo Bike

The Beboo Bike is made up of bamboo tubes of different sizes and thickness, doubled with steel as end pieces. It is put together with hemp and covered with bio-sourced ultra-resistant epoxy resin. The bamboo is both light and resistant, which provides the same advantage as an aluminum or carbon fiber bike. This innovative initiative works in favor of the planet conservation: the Beboo Bike production doesn’t need much energy and is not polluting. The complete bike assembly is achieved in Beboo’s workshops, in Haute-Savoie, Annecy (France) and takes 36 hours per bike.



A sharing and trading project

The Beboo Bike is intended to be socially and ecologically innovative. The company will give 5% of its profits into charity projects each year. Their partnership with the NGO The Yonso Project, based in Ghana, finances microcredit and develops education in disadvantaged villages. By buying a Beboo Bike, we take part of the soft mobility revolution and support a solidary project.

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Last updated on October 11, 2017

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